Carnival Game with Carnival Booth

Includes One Carnival Game set up under one Red and White Carnival Booth with attendant included.  Prize packages available to fit all budgets.

Could require access to 110 electric within 50 feet.

3 Carnival Games Special with Prizes!

3 Carnival Booths

Includes one game for each age group and 75 Stuffed Animal Prizes (8"-10") Unlimited Consolation Prizes available for participants. 

Comes with Three Attendants.

Could require access to 110 electric within 50 feet.

Carnival Games List

target iconIndicates the most popular games

target icon PENGUINS- Hit the Foot Pedal and Try to land a Fish in the Penguins Basket.

target icon BULL RING- Swing the Ring and try to hook the Bull's Nose.

BALLOON DARTS - Multi Colored Balloons sent a poppin' by soft play darts.

target iconCROSSBOW FRENZY - Player must get the suction cup dart completely within the target to win. The small suction cup darts are fired from a crossbow.

CRAZY CANS- Cans arranged in a pyramid on a pedestal are knocked down by beanbags

DUCK POND - Toddlers try to pick up a lucky numbered duck on a rotating pond.

target iconFRY A FROG- Flip the rubber frog completely with a mallet into the pot.

GONE FISHING- Fish rotate around the pond as "fishers" try to get the catch of the day with their magnetic fishing rod. (For toddlers)

target iconWACKY WIRE - Player must get the wand over the rotating wire without setting off the buzzer to win.

target iconPAR TEE GOLF- Score a hole in one on the putting green.

target iconHOLE IN ONE-    participants roll down an alley in an attempt to make a "hole in one" Winners will cause the bells to sound and lights to flash!

SAL THE SEAL-    Attempt to pitch beanbags through the openings on the animated game. (For Toddlers)

target iconMONSTER TEETH-    Knock out the monsters teeth by throwing beanbags...... Not as easy as it looks!

GREAT WHITE BITE- Fling a frisbee into the mouth of a great white shark!

FOOTBALL TOSS- Throw mini football into strategic cut hole in football players mid-section.

HOOP TOSS/RING TOSS-  Three wooden hoops given to each player.  Object of the game is to ring one or more of the blocks.

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